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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Friday 25th November 2011 16:36

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 22

33: Night-watch
Sorry I haven't reviewed all the chapters as I had been doing; RL is kicking my butt. So thankful for all the good things that have happened recently... Scorpius' rescue, Mary Beth's recovery, the capture of the Matron and her sure conviction (is this the first time you have given her full name?), Hermoine and Rpn's care of Brodie, and finally, the joy of Scorpius having his family around him to sooth him and help him recover. Great job. Take all the time you need; I would rather have a chapter that you feel good about sharing than one you just banged out to placate the masses.
Friday 25th November 2011 17:00
33: Night-watch (Author Response)
No need to apologize for why you haven't reviewed regularly. I'm grateful for any and all reviews, no matter if they come every chapter or once every twelve.

To answer your question about the Matron's name, I actually did introduce it during the meeting Ron chairs between the Aurors, the Ministry officials and the St Mungo's personnel. At that time, Healer Stilwell identified her and gave a brief history of his involvement with her and his theory about why Shirley would be trying to discredit him by maiming his patients.

I'm glad you approve of my taking the time to get the chapter into a shape I'm satisfied with. I have several sections of the next chapter started with one or two finished, but not finalized for my pre-betas. I think the story will be much better for it.

Thanks for reviewing. I look forward to your reaction to the next chapter when it finally comes out.
Friday 25th November 2011 07:44

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 54

33: Night-watch
Another brilliant chapter as usual! I enjoyed the scene between Harry and Ginny - the are most certainly dealing with things better and healing their relationship! Harry being the mother hen over one of his Aurors and Ginny being the supportive wife was nice to see! I've also noticed during the progression of this story that Ron has really matured alot and it really showed with how he handled Brodie! He and Moine are clearly a stronger couple for it as well! No surprise that Scorpius is still having difficulty recovering from his kidnapping - he is safe but still traumatized by the experience. Nice to see Lucius and Cissy as doting grandparents instead of jerks for a change! Looking forward to the Matron's trial and her flunkies trials as well! I say transfigure all of them into pincushions at a Bernina store! Looking forward to the next chapter! Until next time!
Friday 25th November 2011 08:11
33: Night-watch (Author Response)
Hee-hee, I like your analogy just for the fact that my very expensive sewing machine is a Bernina and I have several sewing projects in the works for various family members and need to poke my pincushions quite frequently!

Time and the help of a skilled therapist are both helping Ginny to come to terms with what was troubling her, so yes, she and Harry are finding their own new "normal" as a couple and doing it rather well, I think. They're also learning to support each other all over again so that Harry can feel free to worry about his fellow Aurors and accept Ginny's support at the same time.

I love writing Ron and Hermione as a mature, adult couple. Ron now knows when it's appropriate to prank and joke as well as when quiet support for others is needed. I think Hermione's been good for him as has been his role as father to Rose and Hugo. They definitely needed their parenting skills when it became clear that Brodie needed to grieve.

Because his parents and grandparents Greengrass were present in his hospital room, I think Scorpius will have a slightly easier time recovering from his kidnapping than if he was left in his room alone. Unfortunately, the grandparents present were Asteria's parents, not Draco's: Lucius died in Azkaban sometime around 2000 and Narcissa has been a recluse, living in a small cottage near her sister, Andromeda, ever since. She hardly ever goes back to Malfoy Manor because it holds such horrible memories for her. Lyndon and May Greengrass are doting grandparents--often visiting at Malfoy Manor--and it's as hard on them as it is on Draco and Asteria to see Scorpius hurting. All four adults will be as supportive as they can be of him as he recovers from his ordeal.

Thanks for such a positive review. I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter.
Grandma Kate
Friday 25th November 2011 00:30

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

33: Night-watch
I am blown away by your powerful writing. This is such an important realization for Harry-
"Is this what it felt like waiting for me wake up last year?" he asked in barely a whisper.

Ginny closed her eyes, thinking of how scared she'd been after Harry's first duel with this gang of criminals. "Yes, Harry. This is what it feels like every time I wait for you to wake up in hospital," she answered truthfully.

Harry flung his arms around her and held her tightly to him. "I'm so sorry, Ginny," he nearly sobbed. "I had no idea waiting was so hard."

I absolutely loved the final segment with Scorpius and his parents comforting him.

Happy Thanksgiving.
Friday 25th November 2011 07:03
33: Night-watch (Author Response)
You're correct that discovering what it's like to wait for someone to wake up in hospital is important for Harry. I think he'll keep his promise to her and stay out of harm's way when he goes back to work. This scene and the one with Scorpius were my favorites to write in this chapter. I'm glad you liked them, too. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.
Thursday 24th November 2011 06:38

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

33: Night-watch
This is very well done. I'm so glad that Harry apologized to Ginny for breaking his promise. She understands and appreciates his qualities that she loves him for. Her statment about them being Gryffindors was spot on. I'm glad Harry told Ginny he was so concerned about Mary Beth. Ginny's information about him not getting the right treatment for 20 hours really helped him feel better about the whole thing. I'm so glad Ron was able to tell them she would be ok. Ron and Hermione helping Brodie was great. The fact that he got a lot of help for his grief was excellent. I'm so glad that Ron was able to answer his most pressing question of WHY. Ron being able to answer was great. The answer was bad but Ron was able to let Brodie know that Dawson died in remorse and pain. I'm glad that Scorpius was able to have his family there when they woke him from his nightmare. Draco was excellent taking care of him. I look forward to more of this story. Harry Thanksgiving. I just put the Turkeyin the oven so we are well on the way for dinner. Thanks for writing. I love your stories. p
Friday 25th November 2011 07:13
33: Night-watch (Author Response)
Many of my readers took time out of their turkey-cooking duties to read my chapter. I'm so glad you had the opportunity to join this group. I'm also glad you enjoyed the chapter. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts with me.
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