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Reviews For For Love of Family by Arnel

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Saturday 17th December 2011 14:49

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 22

34: Memory
It was so good to see Draco beginning to heal from his ordeal. I look forward (as does Rose, I am sure) to the time when he is able to return to Hogwarts. Wait, this story is coming to a close? I'm glad there is still a bit to go, then; I'm not ready to tell it goodbye yet. I do hope we will find that Harry is able to heal even more. I know that you will keep it realistic, though; you excel at that.
Saturday 17th December 2011 15:02
34: Memory (Author Response)
Yes, Scorpius is beginning to come to terms with what happened to him. He may not be ready to go back to Hogwarts yet, but beginning a friendship through letters with Rose will go a long way towards his healing. In a future chapter he will return to Hogwarts and actually talk to Rose for the first time. I think you'll enjoy the conversation.

As for Harry, you'll just have to wait. I'm not through with him yet and with another three or four chapters to go, there's still a lot of ground (and loose ends) to be covered. I think you'll like what you read in those chapters.

Thanks for writing to me. Until next time I post...
Monday 12th December 2011 13:28

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 10

34: Memory
I loved the chapter!!!! Hopee you can update soon!!!! I hope Scorpius gets well soon and can go back to Hogwarts and snog Rose!!! Lol!
Monday 12th December 2011 14:55
34: Memory (Author Response)
I'm not at all certain he will go back to Hogwarts just to snog Rose, but if he continues to confront the memories as he is, he'll be back at school sooner rather than later. I'm glad you liked the chapter. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.
Saturday 10th December 2011 12:32

2nd year
Num. of Reviews: 54

34: Memory
Another brilliant chapter, Arnel! I really enjoyed the focus on Scorpius! You really hit the nail on the head with your depiction of what a young kidnap victim would go thru after rescue! I was especially impressed with how Ron handled Scorpius - he needed an objective 3rd party to help guide him thru that memory and Ron handled it spot on. Scorpius's parents would have been too emotional to do what Ron did! Ron really has matured, especially considering how he handled the letter from his daughter to Scorpius! Having a grown daughter of my own, I know from experience how hard it is to let your little girl grow up! I really appreciate the hard work you obviously put into this wonderful chapter!
Can't wait for the next one especially if it's the one where the evil old crone gets her just desserts - or maybe she should just be dessert for the Hogwart's giant squid!
Monday 12th December 2011 15:13
34: Memory (Author Response)
Actually, I was thinking that dear Shirley would make a great meal for one of Charlie's dragons! Set her loose in the dragon pen and let her get roasty-toasty! I'm sorry to say that her just desserts won't be coming for another chapter or two... there are just too many loose ends to tie up before we get to her. Besides, we need to let the Aurors sort through all the new evidence while all the barristers prepare their cases.

As for Scorpius and his parents, I think we think alike when it comes to emotional parents. Draco and Asteria needed both Harry and Garrett to talk them through the memory because they were seeing what happened to their son for the first time. Ron, on the other hand, has had some experience with what happened in the cave, so he could be much more objective and helpful when Scorpius needed someone to lean on.

I think Ron is going to have more trouble reconciling the fact that the parents of the boy who wants to go out with his daughter are his own arch-rival and his wife! He's trying, but as one of my other readers put it, there's no love lost between Draco and Ron. I think Ron has all but forgiven Draco for indirectly poisoning him so long ago, but he hasn't spent that much time in Draco's company to get to know the reformed Slytherin like Harry has. Therefore, he paused to weigh the wrath of an angry daughter verses accepting Draco--and thus Scorpius--more than he already has.

Thanks for the thoughtful review. I enjoyed reading it.
Grandma Kate
Saturday 10th December 2011 07:39

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

34: Memory
I am always amazed that you can pack so much information in a chapter without overburdening us. Poor Scorpius. He is going to need a great deal of loving care and careful debriefing to be able to function normally.
Sunday 11th December 2011 16:30
34: Memory (Author Response)
There will be more about how Scorpius is coping in future chapters. Suffice it to say that he remains at home until he's ready to go back to Hogwarts and even then, he'll need to spend time with his Pensieve if things become difficult for him. I don't think there's going to be a quick fix for his mental suffering, but I also think that with friends like Rose to talk to, he'll have a better time recovering than if he isolated himself. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.
Friday 9th December 2011 21:32

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 1157

34: Memory
This is a great chapter. I'm glad you took your time and included so much detail. The pensieve view of part of Scorpius chapture was well thought out. I like the way that Harry and Ron stepped in and helped Scorpius deal with different details and his reactions to different scenes in the pensieve. Auror Carmichael added his support by giving Scorpius a hug when he met him. He let him know he thought he was brave and resourceful throughout the whole ordeal. It was really helpful to have the 3 men be so supportive of Scorpius ordeal and the way he handled things. Harry letting him know that by telling them about the man's name and what happened to him will be more evidence against the Matron at her trial. I'm glad Ron told him Rose wanted to write to him and Scorpius really wants to write to Rose. That will help them both. Asteria really overreacted to Scorpius accidental magic. Harry's explanation was really good. I'm glad they were able to put most of Asteria's concerns to rest. I look forward to more of this story. You and your betas do such a great job. Thanks for writing. p
Saturday 10th December 2011 02:41
34: Memory (Author Response)
It sounds to me as though you really enjoyed the chapter. I loved writing it because it had such a positive feel to it. This was Scorpius' chance to discover what the adults who rescued him really thought of him; that he's a brave and resourceful young man instead of a pathetic victim.

I admit Asteria overracted to Scorpius' accidental magic, but it's something that actually happens in real life. I know this because I've overreacted to a few things my own son has done, but I don't think it makes us bad mothers; I think it makes us human. I think she reacted the way she did because something she thought had been in control (Scorpius' accidental magic) had resurfaced and she was worried that he might not be able to control it and somehow get into trouble. Sometimes it's better to admit what has us worried rather than internalizing our fears and letting that worry fester and blow things all out of proportion. At least Asteria was talking to someone who had the answers she needed.

As soon as I read your praise of me and my beta team, I emailed them to let them know you appreciate their efforts.

Thanks for writing to me. I promise to post again soon.
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