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Reviews For Curing Dudley by Arnel

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Grandma Kate
Thursday 30th January 2014 20:50

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 966

1: The Conflict
Real life has been busy with my new knee and dear Oatmeal's new shoulder so this is the first chance I;ve had to read your new story.

Dudley being magical is quite plausible and Vernon and Petunia react they way I think they would.
Thursday 30th January 2014 22:31
1: The Conflict (Author Response)
Oh, good! I'm glad you think Vernon and Petunia aren't out of character. Because of the nature of the challenge, I was a little worried about having to flesh those two out enough to cause Petunia to act as she does.

It's always nice to get a review from you.
Monday 27th January 2014 03:21

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 3

1: The Conflict
Very good read. I like its plot so far. I can not wait till the next part.
Monday 27th January 2014 16:02
1: The Conflict (Author Response)
The second part is up and waiting to be read. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for reading.
Friday 17th January 2014 22:52

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 10

1: The Conflict
Thanks for this. I like the way you are crafting this story. Especially the relationship between Dudley and his parents, and even Petunia and Vernon. I am struggling to understand though, how Dudley can accept the magic within himself, yet still hate Harry, especially given the farewell scene between Harry and Dudley at the start of DH.
Friday 24th January 2014 04:30
1: The Conflict (Author Response)
I have never thought Dudley capable of hate. For one thing, it's a very intense emotion that takes a lot of energy to maintain and I don't think Dudley wants to put forth the effort, mostly because his parents have given him everything since he was born. For another, I don't think he understands what it means to be a wizard. He grew up knowing that his parents, especially his father, intensely disliked his cousin and that at times they were afraid of him and what he could do with his magic. You even cited the farewell scene from DH wherein Dudley changes his father's mind about staying at home; it's Dudley who, while not embracing magic at this time, realizes that he has a better chance to survive Harry's war if he goes with "these Order people" because he's frightened of what he remembers of the Dementors and other magical things he doesn't understand. You will also recall that it's Dudley who admits that Harry isn't a waste of space and even shakes his hand in farewell. If you really think about it, Dudley is definitely more open-minded than his parents, which is why, for the purpose of the writing contest this story was written for, he can embrace the fact that he is a wizard and is capable of doing magic.

I hope you'll continue to read the next two chapters. I look forward to reading any thoughts you have about the story. Thanks for reading.
Thursday 16th January 2014 03:05

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 34

1: The Conflict
What wonderful timing. I came back into the world of Harry Potter fanfiction so close to you submitting a new fanfiction. hooray! I had just enough time to read a completed fic before I was emailed this one!

It is, of course, wonderfully written - I found the way you wrote Petunia made me feel almost lost. The way I expect she would feel at the moment. I was horrified at the scene where Vernon hurt his wife, and his only punishment was to sleep on the sofa - men becoming bullies are something to be ashamed of, I get the feeling we havent heard the last of Vernon's methods of intimidation!

Wonderful chapter, can't wait to hear more from you! Glad to be back and glad you're back with another wonderful fic!
Friday 24th January 2014 04:35
1: The Conflict (Author Response)
I'm so glad you enjoyed this first chapter. There are three in total and the story is complete. It was written for a writing contest on another website and won several awards there. I will be posting the story on Thursdays.

When I considered how I wanted to characterize Petunia and Vernon, I took my cues from various clues to their attitudes and actions in the last three books. Combined with the fact that Petunia is afraid of what she knows about the Wizarding world and Vernon fears what he doesn't understand, it's understandable that they wouldn't take kindly to their son turning out to be unnatural. Then, when Petunia tries to diffuse the argument between Vernon and Dudley, her voice accidentally attracts Vernon's attention, a situation which could very easily happen in the heat of battle. I also think that at this point, Petunia is willing to overlook her husband’s bullying tendencies. There will be a few more mentions of Vernon and Petunia’s relationship in the next two chapters and I hope you will continue reading and sharing your thoughts with me.
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