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Reviews For These Cuts I Have by Melindaleo

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Monday 11th January 2016 18:57

3rd year
Num. of Reviews: 144

30: For the Thrill of It
I'm caught up and I really enjoyed it, can't wait for the next chapter!

Just to add my voice to all those others; it would be great if you would continue with Ginny's 7th Year, definitely something I would read.
Wednesday 6th January 2016 04:56

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 26

30: For the Thrill of It
I am glad that you are going to continue on with the story. Maybe you could go up until they get married?? Lol. I don't like your writing or anything!!
Wednesday 6th January 2016 20:05
30: For the Thrill of It (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm going to continue with a new story. This one ends next chapter. I'm planning for the next one to go through Ginny's 7th year, but it will be a while before I start to post. I haven't started writing it yet, and I need a headstart to be able to keep up a post-every-week schedule.
Wednesday 6th January 2016 04:54

Hogwarts alumni
Num. of Reviews: 673

30: For the Thrill of It
Despite the pull to stay back at The Burrow or take Ron with her, Hermione is doing the adult thing and spending the time she needs to with her parents without any distractions. They need the time together to talk things out and learn to be a family again because they haven't since Hermione was fourteen. I think her parents will be pleased that she's decided to complete her basic education and it will be interesting to find out whether they push her to go to university or let her make her own decisions about taking a job at the Ministry right out of school.

Thank goodness Harry is back to "normal" in so many ways. He's doing his usual attention-dodging amongst the other trainees when he goes back to the Ministry and tries to downplay his role in Voldemort's defeat just as he always has. What made me smile most is the fact that he was so interested in how his fellow trainees were getting along with their Patronus casting and made the very astute observation that maybe the Task Force to round up the Dementors was not something he should participate in because of his past with those things.

All in all, an enjoyable chapter that gets for making me smile so much.
Wednesday 6th January 2016 20:04
30: For the Thrill of It (Author Response)
Thanks, Arnel! I'm always so curious about Hermione's parents and what they think of her spending so much time away. I definitely feel they'll want her to attend University, but we'll get to that...

As for the Dementors...well, things don't always go as Harry plans!
Wednesday 6th January 2016 00:26

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 12

30: For the Thrill of It
First of all:
Best Wishes to you (and Ryan off course )
Very good to read the club havoig fun at the street races.

Been trying to figure out who Uhrag is, is it an anagram?
So Nnce to see the 'start of George & Angelina!
Obviously Suasn Bones (crossbones?) is the Pirate Witch

Looking forward to the ceremony!
Wednesday 6th January 2016 20:02
30: For the Thrill of It (Author Response)
LOL - Uhrag is simply a name I liked, so no anagram this time. I can't do that every time, lol! Uhrag will be back, so I don't want to say anything at the moment. As for Pirate Girl - Susan Bones???? What? I've already stated that I don't like the girl, so no, Pirate Girl definitely isn't Susan Bones.
Tuesday 5th January 2016 20:24

4th year
Num. of Reviews: 195

30: For the Thrill of It
Ack - you ended it a bit abruptly. I was looking forward to seeing if Harry could produce Prongs again... And Pierce needed a bit of showing up. That was a fun chapter. I enjoyed the distraction of the illegal broom races and everyone's reactions to them. Good thing Hermione wasn't there to spoil it all!

Please do continue with the story. I love your writing and I like where this story line is going. Since it seems JKR is not going to do anything with our favorite characters for a while, we need the fandom to get up and running again like it was in between books four and five. That was such a fun time! Also, since so many characters had not been well developed, it was like anything was possible. And such a time is upon us all again. I can think of multiple paths for Harry to follow, some funny, others deadly serious. Also, who says we need to necessarily follow whatever JKR has stated is canon? There is lots of fun to be had! Let me know if you would like to discuss ideas. I've always got a bad case of plot bunnies biting my ankles!
Wednesday 6th January 2016 19:59
30: For the Thrill of It (Author Response)
LOL - I had to get that race in while Hermione was away! Sorry you thought it ended abruptly. Rest assured, Prongs still came to Harry's aid

I'd love to discuss plot bunnies with you - I always enjoy that. My email is if you care to drop me a line.
Tuesday 5th January 2016 16:51

1st year
Num. of Reviews: 24

30: For the Thrill of It
loved the broom racing! And seeing the boys, even Percy, teasing Hermione was adorable. They've truly made her part of their family. Is Harry's patronus still a stag? I've read a number of fics in which it changes to some representation of ginny, a lioness or something. But I love that Harry still has his stag as a patronus, because since it's a protector, it makes more sense for it to be his father, and it's an homage to those who loved him in the past, James,/Lily, Sirius and Remus, that kind of thing. I had to smile at Harry's reaction to the award. It's so Harry, even though of course he deserves it, as do all the others.
Wednesday 6th January 2016 19:57
30: For the Thrill of It (Author Response)
Thanks, Sherry. In my mind, Harry's Patronus is still a stag. I'm not sexist enough to believe that it's always the female who has to change, but I think Harry's used his Patronus more, and it has more meaning to him. If one is going to change, my bet would be that it's Ginny's. For this story, they (so far) have each kept their own.
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