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Reviews For The Sun Also Rises by Rhymes With Orange

Tuesday 8th April 2008 15:41
The Sun Also Rises
nice chapter!
I can see harry getting that ring and thinking that it means that ginny doesnt want to see him anymore...
Monday 19th November 2007 17:52
The Sun Also Rises
i love this!!! I hope that harry gets that ring!!! I wonder what will happen when he touches it or something... or will he think that ginny is sending that to him because she gave up on him, and will never want to touch it... hmm.....

Saturday 23rd June 2007 09:21
The Sun Also Rises
please let hedwig find harry, he needs to get back to ginny or let her come to him. Only them both together can come threw this fase.
Tuesday 8th February 2005 06:57
The Sun Also Rises
Oh my! I really hope there's another story coming. They are both so miserable. Is Ginny really going to move on in all parts of her life or is she going to wait for Harry?

In the first story, Harry thought for a moment that Ginny's love could save him. Could the charmed ring will be the answer? I hope he'll be back sooner rather than later.
Tuesday 8th February 2005 13:19The Sun Also Rises (Author Response)

I fear that you have guessed my ending, and thereby shamed me into finally finishing up the half-finished chapter that resides, so shamefully, upon my hard drive.

Look for an update here in a few days.

irish gal
Tuesday 1st February 2005 19:10
The Sun Also Rises
will there be more??? i hope so, i'd really like to see where this goes.
Sunday 29th August 2004 20:27
The Sun Also Rises
Wow- tragic and sad-with Harry and Ginny- to sad to stay this way so I am looking forward to more prose. Nice work- great emotions, fairly original and has the beginnings of a great story- May your muse keep whispering to you. Well done
Friday 27th August 2004 17:10
The Sun Also Rises
Update soon. I hope this is at least a two-part story.
Friday 27th August 2004 17:10The Sun Also Rises (Author Response)
This is part two of what's looking like a three-part story. Part three is in progress, but I've started classes again so I don't know how soon it will arrive.
praesul femella
Thursday 26th August 2004 15:08
The Sun Also Rises
I want Hedwig to find Harry so he can see what Ginny's feeling!