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Reviews For Worth The Risk by Rose_MacShane

Sunday 2nd August 2009 23:48
Worth The Risk
Tuesday 8th April 2008 16:09
Worth The Risk
aww!!! Thats a really cute way for harry to fess up that he liked ginny
Thursday 17th January 2008 19:50
Worth The Risk
Mmmm ... pie. I was in need of a good dose of H/G fluff and found this. I think I can go to bed happy now!
Tuesday 20th November 2007 06:52
Worth The Risk
awww!!! that is so cute!!! I thought that harry would have gone into more detail about the girl that he liked and then kiss her.... lol
Apple pie! mmmmmmmm....

Sunday 3rd June 2007 13:47
Worth The Risk
At reading the summary I was a bit worried that it would be allong the lines of an american pie script. But thankfully it a real nice story which I trully loved. Some things are trully worth the risk.
Wednesday 9th May 2007 12:40
Worth The Risk
I just discovered your story. Very cute! Ginny's " No Harry, all your long silences and vacant stares have only made you more vivacious." is a wonderful line! Thanks for writing it.
Ysobel Belladona Troyte
Saturday 24th March 2007 09:06
Worth The Risk
Wow!! That was a REALLY good story!! Keep writing them!! Maybe make a long line of this story!
Saturday 24th March 2007 06:11
Worth The Risk

Oh gosh, I absolutely adored it! Brilliantly described and very warm and cute. Officially one of my favorite stories.

After that evening, Harry would never think of apple pie in quite the same way again.

Thanks so much for writing this, it was wonderful!
Friday 23rd March 2007 03:17
Worth The Risk
Aw. Very nice.

You wrote Ginny very well.
Wednesday 21st March 2007 21:16
Worth The Risk
Awwwwwwwwww!!! H/G4EVER!!!
HPOD Sufferer
Wednesday 21st March 2007 04:01
Worth The Risk
I had a friend who told me once "Life's worth the risk, yeah? All the things that could happen ... I'd never want to miss out because I was too scared."
This reminded me of that so much, and both were beautiful things. Thanks for sharing!
Tuesday 20th March 2007 15:23
Worth The Risk

Monday 19th March 2007 21:04
Worth The Risk
Yay! That was sooo cute! Apple pie and Ginny, hey do kind of work together, lol.

Monday 19th March 2007 17:50
Worth The Risk
i loved it! it was really great....10/10
Monday 19th March 2007 14:26
Worth The Risk
A very good apple pie indeed! Thanks for writing. A very good scene. p
Lily Flower
Monday 19th March 2007 12:08
Worth The Risk

Honestly, I've never thought of apple pie in the same way since the American Pie movies. lol but I like this a lot. It's sweet and I love the way you played it out. Very on to see if you have other stories this good. lol

Monday 19th March 2007 07:10
Worth The Risk
Congratulations on having this story chosen as a Story of the Week! I really like its light banter and the way Ginny convinces Harry that he needs to "live" a little and not be so serious all the time. Well done!
Tuesday 12th July 2005 14:26
Worth The Risk

AWWW that was cute, predictable but cute.  I liked how Harry shared the apple pie!

great job, keep writing, and Plez write back


Friday 8th July 2005 13:16
Worth The Risk

Warm apple pie with vanilla ice cream is my favorite comfort food: I used to take it home with me when I got off work as a waitress at 2:00 a.m.  Now I'll have a lovely memory of H/G to connect with it also.  Very nice story!

Tuesday 5th July 2005 20:06
Worth The Risk
Apple pie can do wonders, can't it?
Tuesday 5th July 2005 13:06
Worth The Risk
"Harry had never known a silent Weasley to be a happy Weasley" Ahh, to true.  This was a very "honest" confession-followed-by-a-kiss and I appreciate the effort writers put in their stories to creat an enjoyable story that isn't over the top, like this! So thanks!
Tuesday 5th July 2005 07:48
Worth The Risk
Very cute!
Tuesday 5th July 2005 02:38
Worth The Risk
A nice fluffy story. Nice touch Ginny encouraging Harry.
Monday 4th July 2005 23:41
Worth The Risk
Aww shared apple pie leads up to a shared kiss. How cute. Such an adorable bit of fluff.
Split Decision
Monday 4th July 2005 14:18
Worth The Risk
Cute and well done.
Monday 4th July 2005 13:49
Worth The Risk

I can't help but see the vague parallels to the famous Pumpkin Pie story, and frankly, I think they're hilarious, though I doubt that's exactly what you were aiming for. Still, this piece did for me what Pumpkin Pie did not, and now I feel a gooey and happy. I want some apple pie....

Monday 4th July 2005 00:19
Worth The Risk

Just in case my earlier review didn't count, since I signed it without officially logging in.

I repeat - I think I know who you are... *cough cough*

Sunday 3rd July 2005 16:03
Worth The Risk
Wow.  It's great how Ginny very simply reminds Harry that he can't let the future interfere with living life NOW.  I think this story says it all.  Short and sweet, indeed. 
Sunday 3rd July 2005 08:49
Worth The Risk
Nice....I like the interactions between them both. I also like how somehow Ginny didn't anticipate that it was her he was talking about. She gives good advice and I'm glad Harry took it!
Saturday 2nd July 2005 07:01
Worth The Risk

Good job   It made me smile.

Friday 1st July 2005 08:08
Worth The Risk
Liked it! Although the first glance at the summary sent me thinking about "America Pie".

Short'n'sweet! Great!
Friday 1st July 2005 05:27
Worth The Risk

What a sweet, lovely story. My favourite line:

She snorted. "No, Harry, all your long silences and vacant stares have only made you more vivacious...

Very nicely written. Thanks for this lovely fluffiness.

Friday 1st July 2005 00:49
Worth The Risk

This is a nice little story, full of friendship and hope where Harry’s concerned. I enjoyed reading it.

Thursday 30th June 2005 19:35
Worth The Risk
Great story! I like apple pie too!!!
Thursday 30th June 2005 17:58
Worth The Risk

"Their eyes met and Harry felt a pang around his heart. Lightly, he brushed his hand across her cheek and tucked an errant strand of hair behind her ear. She blinked and he heard her gasp softly. Before he could over-think what he was about to do, he leaned forward and kissed her. "   Wonderful prelude to a kiss!  Nice bit of fluff.

Adeline Avin
Thursday 30th June 2005 17:51
Worth The Risk
Excellent short story! The H/Hr supporters can keep their pumpkin pie, us H/Gers have apple pie! Huzzah! 
Thursday 30th June 2005 17:41
Worth The Risk
I love these sort of semi-fluffy fics. I'm such an H/G fan, I can't help myself. :)
Expecto Patronum
Thursday 30th June 2005 17:31
Worth The Risk
I liked this; it's short and sweet! I liked Harry and Ginny's interaction, I think canon Harry could use some of this Harry's courage :) 
Thursday 30th June 2005 15:58
Worth The Risk
I like that one alot, the very definition of teh words short and sweet, ti was lovely and it made me smile.
Thursday 30th June 2005 15:38
Worth The Risk
Excellent.  So fluffy!  
Thursday 30th June 2005 15:11
Worth The Risk
Grin.  I love apple pie.  This was cute and I'm so happy to see a supportive Ginny rather than the insensitive twit I've seen too much of lately.  I like your Ginny...and she's right, he should live a little.
Thursday 30th June 2005 10:43
Worth The Risk
yay for fluffy goodness. A really good ficlet