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Reviews For On the Headmaster's Wall by Rhetor

Sunday 18th November 2007 19:14
On the Headmaster's Wall
interesting... not sure what this is talking about though :p Im guessing that this is around the final battle...
Monday 6th August 2007 11:00
On the Headmaster's Wall
Very interesting; can't wait to read more!
Friday 10th August 2007 18:00On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Thanks you! ~Ken
Monday 29th January 2007 20:03
On the Headmaster's Wall
Look what you did! I loved it; a bittersweet story similiar to Shakespear's R&J (or at least, I thought it was, due to its romantic tragedy[Can't live without one's true love*hint*). Please cheers us up w/ a happy story soon if possible
Again, Wonderful Job!
Tuesday 30th January 2007 17:40On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Hi! Thank you so much for your kind words, especially the very flattering comparison to R&J. I'm sorry about causing the tears (well, not too sorry.) As to happy stories -- well, "Learning to Breathe Together" has sort of a happy ending. I also have a satire (which is funny, anyway) on SIYE -- it's called "A Slow Boat to Shippers' Hell." ~Ken
Monday 29th January 2007 13:44
On the Headmaster's Wall
So Ginny is racing to Harry's rescue ... but the mood suggest either she is not entirely successful or dies in the process.
A bit too sad.
Tuesday 30th January 2007 17:31On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Yep. You understand exactly. Thank you!
Thursday 25th January 2007 20:56
On the Headmaster's Wall
Oh. Now I feel foolish. I just read chapter one and thought it was a one-shot. But I'm excited to think there's more of this to come!
Thursday 25th January 2007 21:14On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Hmmmmm. I think you read Chapter Two first. The "Ginny running" chapter is the Prologue.

Actually it wouldn't be at all strange if you thought that the scene in the Headmaster's office was the whole story. Originally it was the whole story. But the first posting of the story was on another site whose rules required me to write additional chapters, and the addition of the Prologue and Epilogue (which will post tomorrow night) turned out to make the story much richer.

Thursday 25th January 2007 13:47
On the Headmaster's Wall
Okay, I'm officially creeped out now.

"The portrait's eyes are filled with terror, and with pity, and with old, old sorrow."

, this sounds like something horrible is about to happen - something that isn't going to end well. Please update soon.
Thursday 25th January 2007 14:18On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Hi! Sorry about creeping you out. (Well, maybe not too sorry.... ) You can expect the next update within about twelve hour from now. I think you may be surprised by where it starts. Thanks so much! ~Ken
Thursday 25th January 2007 09:55
On the Headmaster's Wall
You have given me the sense of a psychological thriller with the eerie feeling, the darkness, the run down the dark corridors, the increasing sound ..... and then it is Ginny running. That's enough for me to want to know what is happening.
Thursday 25th January 2007 14:15On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad this is having the desired effect. You may be surprised by what actually does happen. The tone of the next chapter is quite different from the tone of this one. Expect an update within twelve hours from now. ~Ken
Wednesday 24th January 2007 21:44
On the Headmaster's Wall
A very nice start to your story. I've definitely marked it for update notification and hope you publish your next chapter very soon. The suspense you've created is what caught my attention and held it throughout the Prologue.
Wednesday 24th January 2007 21:47On the Headmaster's Wall (Author Response)
Thanks! The suspense and build-up is what I was aiming for. The other chapters are already written, but they're being released one at a time. You'll see Chapter Two (the main body of the story) tomorrow, same time. Then the Epilogue will follow. I suppose I ought to warn you that the other two chapters are markedly different in style and tone, both from this chapter and from each other.