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Reviews For Minding the Baby by Rhetor

Monday 2nd March 2009 11:29
Minding the Baby
The last line reminded me I have read this before. It was still worth re-reading and made me misty eyed.
Sunday 25th November 2007 03:05
Minding the Baby
I recently came across your work, and as I have to say that I love it. You have a way with story telling and your writing is very clever and never boring. I know you have said that you don't plan to expand on this story but if you do, be assured that it will be read. I am really intrigued by the Nice!Draco angle.
Keep up the fabulous work!
Sunday 25th November 2007 03:05
Minding the Baby
I recently came across your work, and as I have to say that I love it. You have a way with story telling and your writing is very clever and never boring. I know you have said that you don't plan to expand on this story but if you do, be assured that it will be read. I am really intrigued by the Nice!Draco angle.
Keep up the fabulous work!
Sunday 18th November 2007 19:06
Minding the Baby
I liked this!!! The game was a really neat idea
the ending was a lil odd though...

Thursday 6th September 2007 23:49
Minding the Baby
Oh, what a wonderful, wonderful story. I cried for Adromeda and delighted in Harry and Ginny and – despite my better judgment – felt a little encouragement for Draco. Thanks for putting this episode down in story for us to read – I can picture it all perfectly and feel so much for all of them.
Saturday 8th September 2007 09:24Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you very much for those kind words. I'm glad that the story moved you. (Encouragement for Draco is against my better judgment too...)
Thursday 16th August 2007 12:24
Minding the Baby
This story was so beautiful. I keep rereading it.
Thursday 16th August 2007 20:37Minding the Baby (Author Response)
That's a wonderful thing to say. I'm honored. ~Ken
Wednesday 15th August 2007 12:48
Minding the Baby
Loved it! I agree that Andromeda is really one of the true victims of DH. She lost nearly everyone and that in and of itself is tragic. Thank you for helping us grieve the way we should. (yes I know it's only a story and that the characters are fictional, but that doesn't stop us from loving them any less) Great job!
Thursday 16th August 2007 20:37Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Oh, thank you. I know they're fictional characters too, but it's hard not to be invested in them. That's how I originally came to read fan fiction -- I was fretting about the characters. ~Ken
Tuesday 14th August 2007 19:12
Minding the Baby
oh, I like it!
will there be more? I certainly hope so!
It would be so cool to see Draco babysitting too.
Thursday 16th August 2007 20:36Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I don't have any immediate plans to write more, but it sure is flattering to hear you ask. I think it'd be a riot to see Draco babysitting. ~Ken
Tuesday 14th August 2007 18:58
Minding the Baby
Wow, really good story. Wonder if you're going to expand on it or just leave it as a one-shot. kudos
Thursday 16th August 2007 20:35Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks so much. I've not current plants to expand it, but who knows? ~Ken
Saturday 11th August 2007 14:10
Minding the Baby
nice short. And I'm glad someone focussed on Andromeda being left with nobody
Sunday 12th August 2007 21:36Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ~Ken
Friday 10th August 2007 15:25
Minding the Baby
Another lovelly story to fill in the blanks left by the book. It also explainse why Ginny and Harry had children later than expected in the book.
Friday 10th August 2007 17:58Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you so much. Hmmm, does it explain why they had children later on? Oh, I see -- you're inferring that they spent time taking care of Teddy? Or maybe having a go at raising Teddy gave them second thoughts about kids? Personally I think Ginny waited to have kids so that she could pursue a career. And really, 25 isn't that old to be having your first child! I mean, James and Lily may have started when they were 20, but that strikes me as a bit early...
Friday 10th August 2007 00:44
Minding the Baby
Love the H/Gness of this! And baby Teddy is so cute!
Friday 10th August 2007 17:55Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ~Ken
Lily Flower
Thursday 9th August 2007 12:33
Minding the Baby
"The Cub" That was a great line. What a wonderful piece of work. I really enjoyed the scene with her sister. This is my first piece that I've read after DH. And I've enjoyed it very much.

Great job!
Friday 10th August 2007 17:55Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm honored to be your first bit of FF after DH. ~Ken
Zahri Seb Melitor
Wednesday 8th August 2007 06:25
Minding the Baby
Poor Andromeda; I do feel that Jo gave both Andromeda and Teddy the hardest deal. Andromeda lost her entire family, again, and Teddy managed to score both Harry and Neville's lot in life.

I loved seeing Andromeda square her shoulders and go on, even after thinking about giving in. Harry sending Kreacher to help was very thoughtful of him, as Teddy and Andromeda are still family members. Kreacher must have been happy to get a new young Master to worship.

Harry and Ginny coming over together several times a week to help out with the hard yakka of raising Teddy was sweet. I could tell that they fully intended to be properly involved, not just the awesome godparents who drop by to play and spoil. I can well imagine they got him for sleepovers once they moved out together. Getting out of school to help with Teddy during term is made of all kinds of awesome; McGonagall obviously gave into the inevitable (and probably already has a huge soft spot for Teddy, along and as well as the one she has for Harry).

Narcissa and Draco's work to redeem themselves hurts - I can't imagine they got much trust from anyone, but seeing Draco make the effort makes me feel a little better for the evil little toerag; at least he's finally standing up on his own two feet and making a choice of his own.
Wednesday 8th August 2007 08:20Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you! Yeah, the jury's still out on Draco, but it's good, as you say, to see him standing up.

I had H/G come together to help with Teddy to show the developing intimacy between them. Taking care of a baby together usually brings you closer together, unless you're not suited for each other. I also liked the idea that they were "playing house," trying out domesticity, before they'd got too far into the physical side of their relationship. It's a little utopian of me, but I wanted to give them all the advantages I could think of in being happy together.

Tuesday 7th August 2007 22:44
Minding the Baby
I just wanted to mention that I very definitely got the symbolism of the nuzzling unicorns. It was really quite effective. In one little simile, you managed to provide perspective-accurate (that's key) characterization for all three of the most significant (living) characters in the story.

There is plenty more I could say about specific words and lines and moments in this story, but much of it has been said, and I do sometimes sleep. Still, I had to mention the unicorns.
Wednesday 8th August 2007 08:14Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hey, Dave. Thanks for mentioning the unicorns. In the first draft I wrote "puppies," in the second draft "young horses," and in the third I finally hit on "unicorns" because of the added dimension. I wonder, though, how many Potterverse readers are attuned to that particular bit of symbolism.

I'm all in favor of sleep. A good English tea, say on a Friday or a Sunday, will wake you up.
Monday 6th August 2007 22:26
Minding the Baby
I don't mind saying this at all, but your writing is really growing on me. Another artfully crafted piece- it had the right balance of gut wrenching emotion (before and during funeral) and softness (taking care of Teddy).

I really enjoyed your perspective too, and I have to agree with you- Andromeda is a very pliable character to work with and you can't help but feel sad for her and her losses.

Overall, great take on the plot and just wonderful writing. I'm looking forward to more post DH stories from you!
Tuesday 7th August 2007 10:58Minding the Baby (Author Response)
You're very kind. I don't know what I'll have by way of post-DH work, but I didn't expect these two stories to come to me either, so you never know. I may try to get back to my Snape epic, Returning Were As Tedious; the third chapter's almost ready to post, and the fourth's about half-done.

Lorelei Lynn
Monday 6th August 2007 16:18
Minding the Baby
Wonderfully done. I loved seeing Andromeda's start on the road to healing. And I certainly didn't expect to see Draco show up!
Monday 6th August 2007 16:47Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks so much. Draco is a bit of a surprise, isn't he? Maybe too much of a surprise? ~Ken
Monday 6th August 2007 15:08
Minding the Baby
oh, WOW. Exactly what I'd hope for. I almost cried for Narcissa, and I did cry for Draco at the end. I'm so proud of them for their redemption, and I'm really looking forward to reading more fics about them. Thank you for putting to pen what I've had in my head all along!
Monday 6th August 2007 16:46Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks so much for your kind words. Narcissa turned a corner back in HBP, but I think Draco has a long way to go. But I do believe he'll find himself in the end. ~Ken
Monday 6th August 2007 09:29
Minding the Baby
i really really loved it. It was done extreamly well. I absolut loved it when Draco came to Babysit
Monday 6th August 2007 11:36Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. ~Ken
Monday 6th August 2007 04:31
Minding the Baby
hey nice chapter, i loved Lupin & tonks cant believe that they are gone, its sweet of Harry & Ginny to help out with little Teddy. he's adorable .

i'm not sure if any1 else has noticed but Draco used the line that Voldermort said in the 1st chapter of DH.
Monday 6th August 2007 07:13Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you! I thinksome other readers have noticed where that line came from, but I'm not sure how many of them have understood the irony I intended behind it. Oh, well... ~Ken
Sunday 5th August 2007 21:30
Minding the Baby
OK, Tonks and Lupin are two of my favorite charecters, so this made me cry like a baby. Awsome job! Especially loved the last line.
Sunday 5th August 2007 21:56Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Aw, thanks. I feel a little guilty for making you cry, but I'm glad the story moved you. ~Ken
Sunday 5th August 2007 19:57
Minding the Baby
omg!!!! i absolutely love the last line! so creative!
Sunday 5th August 2007 20:18Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked that line. ~Ken
Sunday 5th August 2007 19:55
Minding the Baby
You have written a fic that manages to be heartbreaking and heartwarming. Simply beautiful!
Sunday 5th August 2007 20:17Minding the Baby (Author Response)
You're very kind. Thanks for those kind words. ~Ken
Sunday 5th August 2007 16:33
Minding the Baby
Oh I loved this. I wasn't really sure where it was going when I first started reading it, but by the end I was so happy I clicked on it!
I can totally see Harry being a standup Godfather!
Sunday 5th August 2007 20:17Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm so glad you liked it! Yeah, I think it's defnitely in the cards, having Sirius as a role model and having chewed out Lupin for deserting his kid, that Harry will do right by Teddy. ~Ken
Sunday 5th August 2007 15:17
Minding the Baby
I've come to baby-sit the cub,

That m'dear was the cutest line I read

It still shows how Draco has changed, and hasn't. How cute.
Sunday 5th August 2007 20:15Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm really glad you liked it.

But -- er -- I actually intended that line to show some significant change in Draco. He's paraphrasing Voldemort's line in Ch. 1 of DH, and my intent was that he was doing so with heavy irony. But most people don't see it, so I don't think I quite pulled it off. Ah, well.

Thanks again,

Author By Night
Sunday 5th August 2007 08:26
Minding the Baby
Interesting - I liked it. It was well written, and you captured Andromeda quite well - her denial, the fact that she thought of Ted and then realized he was dead too, the way she mourned everyone, not just Dora... I also liked her interaction with Harry.
Sunday 5th August 2007 10:55Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you very much. I'm glad you enjoyed it. ~Ken
Saturday 4th August 2007 23:53
Minding the Baby
The whole thing was great - start to finish. There are many things I loved in this, but some of the more memorable moments for me were the image of H/G nuzzling like unicorns, Teddy changing his hair/face depending on who's holding him, and Andromeda unable to get up and do anything, stuck wondering who long it would take someone to find Teddy if she were to kill herself. And Draco. Oh, Draco. I've never been much of a Draco fan, but "I've come to baby-sit the cub" is now absolutely my favorite line of his from either canon or a fan fic... and I've read a lot of fan fics...

Kudos on a job well done!
Sunday 5th August 2007 08:15Minding the Baby (Author Response)
I'm so glad you liked the nuzzling unicorns. I wonder how many people understand the symbolism of that? And I'm thrilled that you like Draco's line so much. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. ~Ken
Saturday 4th August 2007 23:23
Minding the Baby
Oh what a great twist at the end with Draco coming to visit. This story will be one that I think of for some time to come - thankyou for writing this.
Sunday 5th August 2007 08:13Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you for those kind words, and thanks for reading! ~Ken
Saturday 4th August 2007 22:30
Minding the Baby
Heavens, aren't you quicker than quick! Very nice.
Saturday 4th August 2007 22:48Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! There's precious little for an angst writer to work with in a post-DH world...
Saturday 4th August 2007 19:38
Minding the Baby
WOW!!! You made me cry I have been able to think about Tonks and Lupin without crying for about a week now, but I just brokedown while reading your story. It was beautiful and touching and I just wanted to thank you for writing it. One of the things that upset me most after reading DH was that I wanted more Teddy moments. I loved Remus dearly and was so happy for him and Tonks until the end when all I could think of was poor Teddy. Your story has given me a glimpse of how much Teddy was loved and I hope you will write more of them. Thanks again!!!!!
Saturday 4th August 2007 21:26Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you. Although I'm sorry you cried, I'm also not sorry. I'm gratified that you were moved by the story.

Not sure whether I have any more Teddy moments in me, but I hear you loud and clear...

Saturday 4th August 2007 16:09
Minding the Baby
It was enjoyable.
Saturday 4th August 2007 18:23Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you.
Saturday 4th August 2007 07:52
Minding the Baby
Well done. This was a very interesting view of the beginning of the healing for all around. And a surprise outlook - for me, anyway - of the change in Draco's attitude. I would think the civility between the parts were more related to lack of hostilities than real interaction.
A very nice story.
Saturday 4th August 2007 15:08Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you. I don't know whether I'm right about Draco's change, but it seemed a good ending for this story -- the promise that the healing might go beyond Andromeda herself to her family and extended family. But who knows? ~Ken
Saturday 4th August 2007 07:11
Minding the Baby
Good one. I liked the looks Harry and Ginny were giving each other.
Saturday 4th August 2007 15:06Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks. Me too.
Friday 3rd August 2007 23:19
Minding the Baby
Oh this is a lovely story - a very nice companion to your other one about Harry and Ginny. I totally agree that Andromeda was the truw victim of DH and this story really helped me to come to terms with Remus's and Tonks' tragic deaths. Wonderful job!
Saturday 4th August 2007 14:39Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you so much. Remus and Tonks still hurt, especially Tonks. But if Andromeda can get through it, so can we.
Friday 3rd August 2007 23:13
Minding the Baby
Um. Wow. I came really close to crying with the crying line. "The Baby crying for his mother, and the Mother crying for her baby."

I love it when people take characters that have next to no characterization and then bring them to life. Thank you for that.
Saturday 4th August 2007 14:38Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks! Yeah, that line had me in tears too. And those "minor" characters are a real gift for FF writers, because they give us so much freedom! ~Ken
Friday 3rd August 2007 23:10
Minding the Baby
I'm glad that you added those parts as well. And Andromeda definitely had a harder time than most. Her pain, in the beginning especially, was really well written, the way all of her thoughts kind of led to one of them and she kept having to re-remember that they were gone. Even with the bit of fluff, this is a really sad and moving one-shot. I wonder if there is more to this universe? *sounds hopeful*
Saturday 4th August 2007 14:01Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hi! Thanks for the kind words. Savoring Patience is in the same "universe" as this story. I don't have any other plans that way, but who knows? ~Ken
girl from ipanema
Friday 3rd August 2007 21:01
Minding the Baby
This is lovely. I, for one, love this one shots that deal with these secondary threads. It is very satisfying. Nice job
Friday 3rd August 2007 21:16Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you very much. I like this sort of one-shot too. ~Ken
Neli P
Friday 3rd August 2007 20:49
Minding the Baby
OK, the "Mother and Baby crying" line was indeed effective !! What really moved me though was the way you mixed grief, love, hope and forgiveness so harmoniously together. Very well done, again
Friday 3rd August 2007 21:14Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks so much. (Good to hear from you again. ) That line was the one that had me tearing up while I wrote it. And the grief-love-hope-forgiveness thing, of course, was the very core of the story. It's really gratifying to have perceptive readers who "get" what I'm trying to say! ~Ken
Friday 3rd August 2007 19:39
Minding the Baby
Rhetor I could definitely see a couple more chapters of this - are you sure it's complete?

You have me intrigued with the H/G visiting during school and Draco babysitting. What happens when H bumps into Draco one day because he is running late?

Does Draco go back to school or not?

Think about it - maybe something will come to you.

Friday 3rd August 2007 19:50Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hi, CHK. You, of all people, asking for an update? Well, I'm flattered.

Draco's not going back to school; he finished his 7th year. (I think -- maybe I need to rearead DH to be sure. But I'm pretty sure he went back, since it was compulsory.)

And as to what happens when Harry & Draco happen to meet at Andromeda's -- well that's where I think the "curt nod" eventually came from!

Thanks so much.

Friday 3rd August 2007 18:03
Minding the Baby
When I read Andromeda biting her knuckles,ll I felt I was biting my own. Your prose somehow made iit graphic. I think a long time ago I called your writing three deimensional. They were not "flat" line as you read them. Good writing to me is when the words stand up on a page. I read her initialy as astooped, embittered women, so tomented by grief, that the child nearby was a distraction to her morning.

The baby cries for his mother as the mother cries for her baby.

That was a great line, among quite a few. The fluff you introduced along with gentle humor really lifted this story at the end.

“I’ve come to baby-sit the cub,” Now that reminded me of DH
Friday 3rd August 2007 20:14Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Aw, thanks, Rachel. You're always so kind.

Personally I do bite my knuckles under extreme stress, which may be why it came through so vividly. (Never drawn blood, though; that was for dramatic effect.)

The "baby cries for his mother line," of course, is the one that got me teary while I was writing it.
Friday 3rd August 2007 17:41
Minding the Baby
Oh, the first part was so sad. But I really enjoyed the second half! But Malfoy calling Teddy 'the cub' - I hope Andromeda kicks him back out on the sidewalk! But at least he's making an effort, I suppose.

Andromeda really does suffer a lot in DH, and I'm glad you're helping filling in what JKR didn't!
Friday 3rd August 2007 20:09Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thank you for your kind words!

As for the word "cub" here, think back to Chapter One of DH, where Voldemort asks Draco, "What say you, Draco? Will you baby-sit the cubs?" My idea was that that question was burned into Draco's mind, and that he chose to volunteer to help with Teddy precisely to exorcise the part of himself that wanted to become a Death Eater. So when he says, "I've come to baby-sit the cub," he's really saying, "Take that, Voldy! If this is 'baby-sitting a cub,' then so be it!"

...Or that was the idea, anyway...
Friday 3rd August 2007 16:07
Minding the Baby
Well, I didn't like the first part. I've been trying to write a funeral for a week or so and really struggled, and I thought you did. The Malfoys turning up didn't really help me either.

The second part I enjoyed more as I thought that the emotion flowed more naturally. Ginny and Harry with Teddy is such an obvious post DH story to write and I'm sure it will become a cliché before too long. But this wasn't a cliché

PS can I just say the second half was cute?
Friday 3rd August 2007 20:04Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hi again! Sorry the first part didn't work for you.

"Cute?" Certainly you may say that, but Ros has beaten you to it. I think her exact words were, "I'm not sure I've ever used the word 'cute' with respect to one of your stories before."

Hm, I'm not sure about the word "cliche" in this context. I think, yes, it's clear that Harry will want to be involved with Teddy, and that Ginny, as his presumptive mate, will fall into "playing house" by helping him take care of the baby. It strikes me as a natural and very healthy way for a young couple to imagine themselves as parents and "try out" what it feels like. It also has to seem romantic to them. (Parenting always seems romantic when you're not the one getting up at 3 a.m. every morning... which is the easiest part...) And so I won't be surprised if it comes up in several stories (I've already seen it in a few others). But hopefully people will use it either as a necessary moment for realism (as they would use sleeping, eating or going to class) or as a way of making a point (as I was).

Friday 3rd August 2007 16:04
Minding the Baby
A lovely story - the bit with Draco at the end is a bit of a surprise, but then again, family is important.

Keep writing, I'll keep reading.

Friday 3rd August 2007 19:54Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hi! I'm delighted to hear from you! Thanks so much for your kind words.

The bit with Draco was indeed supposed to be a surprise -- I worry that it may have been too much of a surprise, in that it might actually be out-of-character. But I started with the assumption that something important changed in Draco between the moment Ron knocked him out and the Epilogue, and I decided that this was the moment where it started to happen. Whether it's convincing is another story...

Friday 3rd August 2007 15:40
Minding the Baby
This was incredibly moving. I agree with you, Andromeda did lose the most of anyone in DH, and I've been mourning her losses along with lots of others, I suppose. This is a wonderful complement to the aftermath of the war. Great job!
Friday 3rd August 2007 19:51Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks so much. I'm honored. ~Ken
Friday 3rd August 2007 15:32
Minding the Baby
Thanks for this touching study of one of the most tragic characters in DH. I loved the line that summed it up so well: "The baby cries for his mother as the mother cries for her baby." Having Teddy to love and care for was probably the only thing that could keep Andromeda going on with life.
Friday 3rd August 2007 19:47Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Thanks, Annie. The line you quote actually had me sniffling while I wrote it (I'm such a softie). And I agree with you about how much Teddy meant to Andromeda. ~Ken
Friday 3rd August 2007 15:21
Minding the Baby
Well crud. This DEFINITELY makes up for the lack of angst in Savoring Patience.
"The baby cries for his mother as the mother cries for her baby."
That, Ken, is one heck of a turn of phrase.

And once again you deliver the heart-wrenching sorry with the knowledge of a better tomorrow. While a common motif with your stories it is always fresh, always stunningly well done, and always thought provoking.

My hats off to your imagination and to giving us such terrific material to read and ponder.

Friday 3rd August 2007 19:45Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hi, Chuck. See? I knew I could satisfy your angst-hunger. The line you quote is the line that choked me up while I was writing it. And yes, I always like my angst to go somewhere positive at the end; I know it makes me a bit predictable, but I don't mind.

Thank you so much for all your kind words.
Grandma Kate
Friday 3rd August 2007 15:18
Minding the Baby
Oh Rhetor, this is so well done. I kept coming across passages that I wanted to choose as a favorite quote. There got to be too many of them to put in a review.

The pacing was very effective mapping all the changes that Andromeda goes through. And then you casually end with the O Henry like twist. Wonderful!
Friday 3rd August 2007 19:43Minding the Baby (Author Response)
Hi, Kate. Thank you so much; you know I value your opinion. And being compared to O Henry, well --

...and call me Ken.