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Reviews For What Matters Most by Sherylyn

Monday 29th December 2008 13:57
What Matters Most
I really enjoyed it. It was sweet....I think the idea of someones nose not hurting, and it being the only place to kiss is in many other places....I just can't remember where.
Monday 29th December 2008 23:02What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I haven't ever put it in an A/N or anything (mostly to see who might catch it or not; a few have, but most people don't mention it, at least ), but that little bit with what hurts/doesn't hurt is a bit reminiscent of "Raiders of the Lost Ark", where Indy and Marion are on the boat, and she's kissing him and everything hurts... I didn't have Harry and Ginny do *exactly* what happened in the movie, but when I got there, that little tidbit just seemed to fit really well to me, so... my little bit of Indiana in Harry, I guess.

I'm glad you enjoyed the fic, and thanks again for reviewing!
Wednesday 12th November 2008 13:51
What Matters Most
I think you nailed this perfectly I don't think Ginny would have been the petty little girl so many others have tried to portray her in post DH fics....she probably smacked him around for not taking her side in the room of requirement but after seeing him dead I can't imagine her not wanting to be together again ASAP
Saturday 22nd November 2008 21:42What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank you for the compliment! That was my thought, too. Both of them had seen/been through enough in that year (not to mention that battle alone!!) that a lot of the petty things wouldn't have been worth fighting over, ultimately. I can see her giving him a thorough smack at some point, while they talked through things, but not that it would be the main focus of their interactions

Thanks so much for reviewing!!
Sunday 2nd November 2008 13:06
What Matters Most
ahh!so cute!that was so funny when pulled into his bed.andforever!
Saturday 22nd November 2008 21:39What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for taking the time to review!
Monday 20th October 2008 10:35
What Matters Most
Loved it!!!
Friday 24th October 2008 22:27What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you did, and thanks for reviewing
snuggle the muggle
Tuesday 7th October 2008 06:02
What Matters Most
I just wanted to let you know that someone has rec’d your story and I posted a link to it in the new HP LJ community or Harry Potter Missing Moments, as well as its search site. Your story fits nicely into canon and makes a nice addition to our archives. Please feel free to come over and take a look at what we are doing and your entry (posted under "The Dogs of War"). We are a small group at the moment, but we hope to get your story some new readers and some new reviews as we grow.

Tuesday 7th October 2008 09:45What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks very much for letting me know, and thanks to whomever rec'd my story there. I'll definitely check out the community -- good luck with it!
Fics by Fumph
Saturday 19th April 2008 04:59
What Matters Most
This is one of the best post-battle stories I've read, it's wonderful.

Your Ginny is such a strong, together girl, and I love that.
Saturday 19th April 2008 11:26What Matters Most (Author Response)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. I really enjoyed this one b/c I don't often go outside Harry's POV Thanks for taking the time to read and review so much -- it's so fun to wake up to more reviews, esp. for fics that have been posted a while! LOL!!
Tuesday 15th April 2008 16:46
What Matters Most
Wonderfully told-
Thursday 17th April 2008 07:32What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank you, and thanks for reviewing!!
Saturday 23rd February 2008 09:45
What Matters Most
What a lovely story. You wove your story masterfully in between the lines and actions of canon and I could see and hear each character perfectly. Thank you!
Saturday 23rd February 2008 15:05What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank YOU for such a sweet review! I'm glad you enjoyed it and glad everyone seemed in character properly!! Thanks again! +=
Sunday 27th January 2008 06:18
What Matters Most
Nice story. Hopefully this has you muse geared up for more. =)
Sunday 27th January 2008 07:32What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks very much! It did help the muse a bit, but the muse has still been cramped by lack of time I'm hoping things will calm down a bit after a couple of weeks or so. Thanks for reviewing!
Saturday 26th January 2008 09:44
What Matters Most
nice story! not sure if i reviewed this or not, so ill do it anyway!
I wish that JK put a bit more H/G in DH
loved this line :
"You got that right. Bloody prat went off alone and practically asked to be Avada Kedavra'ed

Saturday 26th January 2008 12:33What Matters Most (Author Response)
Hee... I love Ron I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks for reviewing!!
Saturday 26th January 2008 09:09
What Matters Most
Wow, this is a fantastic story. I loved DH but the ONE thing I felt was missing was an actual reunion scene for Harry and Ginny. Yours was lovely. Thanks for writing, and sharing, it!
Saturday 26th January 2008 12:31What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I think I "understand" *some* of why JKR chose not to include more H/G, but I wanted it too! LOL!! I'm glad you liked my version!
Saturday 26th January 2008 06:38
What Matters Most
Saturday 26th January 2008 12:29What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks for that!
Friday 25th January 2008 14:17
What Matters Most
This is very well done. I really like the way you incorporated DH Chapter 36 into this story. Thanks so much for writing a really good completion piece for the end of that eventful day! I really appreciate all of you at PS. This is a great site for people like me that really like the H/G, R/H pairing. Thanks so much for adding to JKR's world. I love it all! p
Friday 25th January 2008 21:34What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoy PS (we certainly enjoy working/hanging around ourselves ). Thanks for reviewing and glad you liked the story!
Thursday 24th January 2008 09:00
What Matters Most
Aww! This was really sweet, I especially like:

Harry had fallen asleep kissing her.

I mean, how cute! Thank you so much for this story, it was beautiful.
Cyba Hugs.

Thursday 24th January 2008 18:38What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it, and I appreciate you taking time to review. Thanks again!
Thursday 24th January 2008 05:27
What Matters Most
This is how Isee Ginny also. Knowing what Harry was destined to do, and accepting of same. Excellent work.
Thursday 24th January 2008 07:23What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks, Jeanne. I'm glad I'm not the only one to think that way Thanks for reviewing!
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 17:26
What Matters Most
I've been a fan of yours for YEARS now... Thank you!!! I grew up with Harry, and with writers like you. It's funny... I never shut up and now I don't know what to say.... I've been your fan since Gryffindor Tower, and we both know that was too long ago... Don't ever stop writing, you have a real gift. Que Dios te bendiga.
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 19:08What Matters Most (Author Response)
Oh wow... I didn't even know *any*one remembered anything I did back then! LOL!! THANK YOU x a million for that -- that's awesome!! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I do enjoy writing -- I just don't get to do it often enough Thank you soooo much for such a wonderful review!! You made me all warm-n-fuzzy
St Margarets
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 10:41
What Matters Most
You know I love this story and I'm glad to finally see it as story of the week. It must have killed you to write your own introduction - honestly - do you do everything around here? I think you must - and at that college of yours. *hugs*
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 10:45What Matters Most (Author Response)
LOL Well, no, not quite everything! LOL!! It just seems like it b/c I'm more "visible" -- and my job lets me play on here more often! LOL!! You're so sweet to review -- and I'm glad you still like this!
Steven Carnell
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 02:10
What Matters Most
Great, Beautiful, Wonderful. 10/10
Tuesday 22nd January 2008 09:57What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it, and I appreciate you taking the time to review!
Friday 30th November 2007 23:38
What Matters Most
Saturday 12th January 2008 00:54What Matters Most (Author Response)
I somehow missed replying to your review! THANKS very much -- I'm glad you liked it!
Monday 26th November 2007 21:11
What Matters Most
i love this!!! Thanks for writting this! I wisht hat JK had put in a bit more at the ending and not just there was time to talk to ginny later or w/e it was.

Monday 26th November 2007 22:25What Matters Most (Author Response)
I'm so glad you liked it! I kinda wish she had included something "else", too, but at least this way we can still use our imaginations for that part

THANKS for the review!
Sunday 11th November 2007 21:19
What Matters Most
sweet story! i really enjoyed it.
Sunday 11th November 2007 22:14What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it!
Tuesday 6th November 2007 16:12
What Matters Most
Excellent story! I love Ginny's reaction after the battle - very in-character. Thanks for sharing!
Tuesday 6th November 2007 19:48What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks for the review! I'm really glad you liked it!
Friday 19th October 2007 13:48
What Matters Most
Oh, and I just wanted to add.. (can we edit reviews? I looked, but I didn't see a way) I think you've expressed Ginny's strength incredibly well - throughout the entire battle, she just seems so herself, inasmuch as it's possible for her to feel like herself in such a terrible situation. But I really love that when she, Hermione, and Ron realize Harry's gone to meet Voldemort, she obviously wants to worry and freak out, but instead she says "we need to help." That's exactly how I see Ginny. She's nothing if not practical.

P.S. I cried, a lot. Hermione's reaction when she sees Remus and Tonks
Friday 19th October 2007 15:20What Matters Most (Author Response)
Nope, no editing function, unfortunately

I'm glad you thought that rang true... that seems to me to be the only way she'd have been able to keep going in a situation like that -- sort of like Harry did, too. It's a bit of the whole "I have to deal w/abc before I can react to xyz" idea, to me.

Thanks so much for the wonderful feedback
Friday 19th October 2007 13:40
What Matters Most
Oh, what a lovely story! You've captured Ginny perfectly, I think. And Harry, too I love this bit:

He growled, and his hands tightened on her shoulders. "Sod the injuries, Ginny. It's been almost a year since we kissed, and Ron interrupted then. Just kiss me so I can sleep happy, will you?"

Wonderful! I don't know whether to laugh or swoon
Friday 19th October 2007 15:15What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

And we can partially thank Indiana Jones for part of that Harry/Ginny interaction -- but I just thought it fit the situation too well not to use it
Monday 15th October 2007 03:57
What Matters Most
Ahh, beautiful stuff.

I really love your Ginny - it seems to bring out that hint of steel and determination within, without losing the vulnerable, compassionate part.

Monday 15th October 2007 10:12What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I really appreciate your input, and I'm glad you liked this.

Thanks for reviewing!
Sunday 14th October 2007 06:17
What Matters Most
I loved this description of the last battle from Ginny's point of view. I'm still trying to blink away the tears. Because it's a different point of view, I think, you give far more idea of the battle-weariness of the combatants than we get in "Deathly Hallows". I've not read any of your work before but, obviously, I'm going to have to look up your other stories. Thank you for sharing this with us.

P.S. I came on St Margarets' recommendation. I'm the one who annoys her with all the Brit-picking!
Sunday 14th October 2007 08:11What Matters Most (Author Response)
I remember you from St.M's LJ very well -- always glad to have another good Brit-picker around!

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! I'm glad you enjoyed it, and hope you enjoy others you find here (whether mine or not!). I've almost got a new chapter ready for "Hearts Afire", which is Harry's POV to St.M's "New Zealand Chronicles", ready to post, FINALLY! LOL!! (I'm not nearly as quick or steady a writer as Mary!)

I'm glad the "battle-weariness" came through... I really think they would all *have* to be at that point in DH -- so much happening, for so many hours... I can only imagine what it must have been like! (And that's even if you only consider the physical implications of what they were doing, much less the emotional weight as well.)

Thanks again!
Friday 12th October 2007 14:45
What Matters Most
A very enjoyable read. There just wasn't enough Ginny in book seven, not by a long shot, so reading good fics like this helps make up for that void.

I liked the reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark--the poor heroes have been through so much, they can't keep up the kissing for very long! lol I'm surprised nobody else mentioned that.
Friday 12th October 2007 15:59What Matters Most (Author Response)
LOL I was surprised that so few people caught that, too... I thought about mentioning it in my (already lengthy ) A/N, but didn't want to give it away A couple of others have mentioned it in email/IMs but you win the prize for the first to mention it in a review! That bit just popped in my head when I was writing, and I decided it just fit too well not to use it

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and glad it helped fill the lack of Ginny-ness for you. Thanks for reviewing!
Thursday 11th October 2007 09:23
What Matters Most
i just loved this! you found such a great and believable balance between the grief in their loss and the joy in their reunion.

i wanted to write this scene but I found it too hard to get that balance right - I almost found it too painful to jump in at this point. I love the way that you've been so true to everything that happened during DH and this feels like a beautiful continuation of where things might have been picked up after we learn of Harry's longing for sleep and sandwiches! I also really enjoyed Ginny's pov and found that your author's note really resonated. She loves Harry for all of those reasons that ultimately separate them. A great story, thanks so much!
Thursday 11th October 2007 11:39What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I was also tempted to just write that "reunion scene" alone, but it felt too difficult to just jump into that, too -- but after I got going with Ginny's POV, it followed from that pretty easily, by comparison. (The Muse must've been cooperative by then ) I'm glad you felt it worked well. Thanks for the wonderful review!
Wednesday 10th October 2007 21:36
What Matters Most
Very well done indeed. You obviously worked hard to bring this together and it paid off. I think your depiction of Ginny is excellent.
Wednesday 10th October 2007 21:40What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks very much! I'm glad you think it worked out well. Thanks bunches for reviewing!
Wednesday 10th October 2007 14:12
What Matters Most

I loved Ginny's perspective on the battle—her sense of her family and of Harry. And I thought too that your reliance on the passages from the end of HBP that you quoted was apt; I think we all tend to get too caught up in the drama and forget that the reason that we saw so little of Ginny during DH was precisely because they understood each other perfectly. Doesn't make for a fun book seven H/G fic—gotta have conflict!—but it works perfectly here!
Wednesday 10th October 2007 14:43What Matters Most (Author Response)
LOL Thank you, kind sir I'm glad you liked that "take" on things. I know we'd all have liked there to be a heck of a lot more romance in book 7, but oh well... I think it worked out well in the end THANKS for reviewing!
Monday 8th October 2007 11:23
What Matters Most
great story, getting hit by a killing curse and surviving will leave you a bit tender I suppose. LOL
You did a good job and I really enjoyed the story. Thanks
Monday 8th October 2007 13:15What Matters Most (Author Response)
LOL I'd think so... not to mention all the rubble flying and stuff, too (he at least got cut during the blast that killed Fred, I know ). And the burns from the curses in the Lestranges' vault and... I think he's a slightly beat-up guy at that point! LOL!! I'm glad you enjoyed it -- thanks bunches for reviewing!
Monday 8th October 2007 08:01
What Matters Most

This was absolutely amazing. You do know that I was sort of disappointed with DH, but somehow your take on this chapter has somehow made up for that, and dare I say it? is probably better than what JKR wrote.

I love your Ginny, and all the emotions that she went through on that particular night ring true. I became teary-eyed and I had goosebumps when Ginny screamed Harry's name, and that scene in Gryffindor Tower had me laughing and agreeing with Ginny's musings...

This was so right, so perfect… This was what she'd needed for so long, and she had a feeling that Harry'd needed it, too.

Thanks for writing this. It's simply lovely.

Monday 8th October 2007 10:44What Matters Most (Author Response)
Ooh, you're so sweet!! I don't think it was up to JKR's standards, really -- I just filled in some things that she didn't include, but she gave the framework (not just in the whole HP universe, but the events, obviously). I'm glad this helped make up for things you missed in DH, though... I do wish JKR had included more, but I can understand (in some ways) her focus not being on that part of Harry's life just then. Regardless, I enjoyed telling this aspect of things, and I'm glad you liked it, too -- that's high praise, indeed, since you're so awesome at writing them!!
Monday 8th October 2007 01:27
What Matters Most
This was very well done. Thank you so much for writing it all down in a way that told the "rest of the story"! I love a happy ending and this is one. p
Monday 8th October 2007 10:39What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I really did enjoy writing it, and I'm glad others have enjoyed my take on things! THANKS!!
Sunday 7th October 2007 20:09
What Matters Most
Very nice!
I was surprised that so many people have thought that Ginny would be angry at Harry. I read HBP the way you did. Ginny didn't like it, but she knew Harry and she understood him.

I think you did a great job of capturing Ginny. She always seemed - in the later books at least to have a real self confidence. She's a dynamic person and I really missed her in DH. Thanks for telling her point of view.
Sunday 7th October 2007 21:31What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much for the kind review! I'm glad I'm not alone in how I saw Ginny I missed having Ginny in the book, too, not "just" because I was hoping to see more interaction between her and Harry (and more development of their relationship!), but also just because I *enjoy* her as a character, and we didn't get to see her in that sense much. Then again, maybe that's part of why JKR didn't have her -- she was trying to keep both Harry's *and* the readers' focus on getting rid of Voldie I think, if they'd been around each other much more, it would have been VERY easy to make what was happening between them become the focal point. Not that I like that, necessarily, but it's one of the few ways I can explain it to myself that makes sense to me

Thanks again!
Sunday 7th October 2007 18:12
What Matters Most
Wonderfully done. I look forward to all your work. Thanks
Sunday 7th October 2007 19:08What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much for reviewing! I'm glad you liked it!
Sunday 7th October 2007 16:18
What Matters Most

Well if your muse didn't get a jump start from that.........

Sunday 7th October 2007 19:07What Matters Most (Author Response)
LOL I think it helped, actually. I haven't gotten as much writing done as I'd hoped to, but at least the desire is there, and so're a few ideas, so that always helps

THANKS for the review!
Sunday 7th October 2007 09:19
What Matters Most
loved it. Absolutely loved it!
Sunday 7th October 2007 13:30What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thank you! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing!
Sunday 7th October 2007 03:02
What Matters Most
I agree with you - I think that Ginny knew that she couldn't go and that she could do something else while Harry was doing what he had to do.

Well done, this was fantastic.

Sunday 7th October 2007 13:30What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much! I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks the same of Ginny... I think Harry's instincts about people are better than to be absolutely nuts about a girl who's as shallow as a lot of "fandom" seems to want to paint Ginny. But that's a whole other rant Thanks for reviewing!
Sunday 7th October 2007 01:10
What Matters Most
That was so beautiful, I have a slight tear in my eye, and even giggled slightly at the thought of Harry dropping off halfway through kissing. So overall, just wonderful. Thank you for such a lovely read.
Sunday 7th October 2007 13:28What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks for such a lovely review!! I'm really glad you liked it! I thought it was appropriate that Harry fall asleep when he's finally sort of "relaxed" -- in the sense that he feels safer there and all, NOT that Ginny's kissing is boring -- but after being up for well over 24 hours, and little sleep the night before AND all he'd been through... I kinda figured he was due to fall asleep any time he could! LOL!!
Lorelei Lynn
Saturday 6th October 2007 19:45
What Matters Most
Very well done version of the Harry/Ginny reunion. Lovely.
Saturday 6th October 2007 19:51What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked it, and thanks for reviewing!
Saturday 6th October 2007 18:26
What Matters Most
Oh, I really loved this, Sherry. I particularly loved Harry's quick reflexes when Ginny tried the Cleaning Charm (see! I remembered my uppercase! )

Your Ginny is canon Ginny, and she's fabulous. I think you're right - Ginny really understands Harry, and I think that birthday kiss was her way of telling him she'd be waiting at the end. I know I've heard some people say they'd be upset with him if they were her, but I don't want to see how an author would react, I want to see how Ginny would react, and you gave that to us. Thanks, it was wonderful.
Saturday 6th October 2007 19:50What Matters Most (Author Response)
LOL you're so good!! And I'm glad you like this, and liked her reactions. (Hee -- Julie and I were talking via email over this about y'all's recent discussions over Ginny ) I went looking through as much of HBP and DH as I could, and I just wasn't seeing that HorriblyAngry!Ginny there, either... but maybe that's just me somehow I just can't see how that girl who would "expect nothing less" of him could react that way... but I do think she'd still find a few things to tease him about, regardless
Saturday 6th October 2007 17:34
What Matters Most
This was a wonderful story. I especially enjoyed the banter between Ginny and her mother. I loved how Molly knew that it was okay to tease Ginny a little about going to find Harry.

And the reunion between Harry and Ginny was really well done. Bravo. I would love to see you continue this story. Is there any chance of that happening??
Saturday 6th October 2007 17:53What Matters Most (Author Response)
And the reunion between Harry and Ginny was really well done. Bravo. I would love to see you continue this story. Is there any chance of that happening??
Erm... well... I've actually had a few ideas perking around for what it might be like after they all woke up again... we'll see if I can find some time/inspiration for more writing before long. I really do want to finish off the next chapter of "Hearts Afire" soon, but maybe I can do both, if things will just cooperate a bit

And thanks for the review. Ron's comment about Peeves' reaction to the whole thing made me decide that the Weasleys might be terribly sad (obviously!), but they still would be able to laugh at a few things anyway
Saturday 6th October 2007 16:01
What Matters Most
*sniffle* Wonderful and poignant - and I'm too tired to make a coherent review. But I loved it, tears and all.

Saturday 6th October 2007 16:07What Matters Most (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for reviewing!
Grandma Kate
Saturday 6th October 2007 15:00
What Matters Most
Great job Sherylyn! I love your Ginny-
nce this was over, she was going to demand that they all tell her what the bloody hell they'd been doing this past year. She'd let Harry go when he'd needed her to do so, but once Tom Riddle was dead, she was going to reclaim her place in his life if she had to beat him over the head to do it.

This is so romantic-
She met his eyes, saw herself reflected in their depths, and saw everything she'd longed to know while they were apart. Just as her love and longing for him had never dimmed, she knew his hadn't either.
Saturday 6th October 2007 15:18What Matters Most (Author Response)
Thanks so much. I really enjoyed doing this, so I'm glad someone else enjoyed reading it