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Reviews For I Wouldn't Change A Thing by rich.sanidad

Friday 25th July 2008 23:07
I Wouldn't Change A Thing
This is excellent. Everyone always wonders if they are a good parent if they are doing the right things. Harry has it tougher because he didnt' grow up with a loving "normal" family. (Whatever normal is!) So he doesn't have that example to fall back on. However, Ginny does and she also knows Harry. She is helping him and together they will make mistakes and they will succeed as parents because above everything else they love their children. Thanks for writing. I look foreward to more of this story. p
Monday 21st July 2008 00:45
I Wouldn't Change A Thing
nice chapter
Grandma Kate
Sunday 20th July 2008 20:09
I Wouldn't Change A Thing
Very sweet and true to life.
Sunday 20th July 2008 06:57
I Wouldn't Change A Thing
Ah. How very sweet but also realistic.