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Monday 23rd January 2012 22:40
Changing Everything
Great! I'm a fan of your "A Less Than Pperfect Romance" and I would love if you would continue this and turn nto chapters. Maybe when you're finished with "A Less Than Perfect Romance"?
Tuesday 24th January 2012 07:38Changing Everything (Author Response)
The original story is called, "A Less Than Perfect Love". Anyhow, I don't plan to write any multi chaptered fics in this universe, but I probably will write some short stories that follow up in the years between ALTPL and Changing Everything. That is the plan for now. hanks for your suggestions! Cheers, R
Monday 22nd August 2011 17:18
Changing Everything
:thumbsup What can I add to perfection? Excellent work.
Tuesday 23rd August 2011 07:59Changing Everything (Author Response)
Thank you! I appreciate your review more than you know!
Friday 19th August 2011 20:11
Changing Everything
I love this story! I'm really bad about skipping to the end to read the ending of books. So this was perfect for me! lol But I am so glad to see a happy ending for the other story. It's a perfect ending for how that one is going. It's been a great read!
Tuesday 23rd August 2011 07:58Changing Everything (Author Response)
I'm glad you liked 'skipping' to the end of the story. I've told readers time and again that eventually Ginny and Harry work themselves out, but it was nice to be able to give you concrete proof of that. Now you can read along with ALTPL knowing 'what happens'. Glad you thought it was a great read! Thanks! -R
Friday 19th August 2011 08:16
Changing Everything
A pleasant read. Well done!
I'm looking forward to meeting that kitten in your other story.
Friday 19th August 2011 10:34Changing Everything (Author Response)
Thanks! I'm glad you liked the story. Elvaston Cat just may make an appearance at some point in the other story, glad you're looking forward to seeing him again! -R
Grandma Kate
Friday 19th August 2011 08:13
Changing Everything
Fluffy and Satisfying
Friday 19th August 2011 10:30Changing Everything (Author Response)
Glad you enjoyed