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Reviews For Outside the Bubble by Author by Night

Tuesday 8th March 2016 09:04
Outside the Bubble
Well put together.
Wednesday 9th March 2016 13:18Outside the Bubble (Author Response)
Thank you!
Monday 7th March 2016 23:27
Outside the Bubble
Oh, this is a lovely overview of the Ginny/Hermione friendship! When one looks at it like this, rather than spread over seven books, you can see both girls maturing while their attitudes towards themselves and those around the mature. I had to smile when you ended the story with Ginny actually reading the Hogwarts: a History chapter she'd been urged by Hermione to read so long ago; it makes me think that she's now appreciating what is written in the book as much as Hermione does and that the two of them are going to enjoy one last uneventful year of academia before being tossed into the world of adulthood. Well done.
Wednesday 9th March 2016 13:19Outside the Bubble (Author Response)
Thank you for the review!