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Reviews For Carpe Diem by Imogen

Sunday 27th January 2008 10:52
Carpe Diem
hehe ncie chapter
glad that gin and harry are starting to sort out how to help gin this could be teh beginning of a beautiful relationship :p
Tuesday 5th December 2006 20:12
Carpe Diem
That's a good begining.
Tuesday 5th September 2006 15:13
Carpe Diem
Been a while since I read this and I saw I hadn't reviewed. Sorry.
Interesting twist with Harry doing the comforting rather than being comforted. But certainly Ginny must've had nightmares (doesn't she allude to them in Book 6 or maybe even 5)
Monday 27th March 2006 06:35
Carpe Diem
*grins hugely at last line*
Very clever idea, I can't wait to see how this turns out! Poor Ginny though...