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Stories By Ash

Completed Stories
Author: Ash
Part: 1: The Last Straw
Rating: Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 250
Words: 69,775
Harry is stuck inside the Dursleys' home for the entire Summer. But Lucius Malfoy is free again and Voldemort is impatient. Harry won't even have to set a foot outside Number Four to be in terrible danger. How will he survive, with his grief so fresh, Death Eaters circling, and a traitor in the midst of the Order? There's plenty of Weasleys, Harry-in-recovery-moments, Death Eaters and Malfoys in this story.

Author: Ash
Part: 1: Triple Trouble
Rating: Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 687
Words: 204,652
Sequel to HP and the Bloody Summer (read that first or you might not understand some things).

Harry’s heading back to Hogwarts for his sixth year with new complications, new attachments and a renewed determination that will be tested on every level. No longer is the school neutral territory. Foes will appear and disappear like mist on the hills, and Harry will fight them all in the name of vanquishing Voldemort and becoming the One he was meant to be.

The final battle is approaching and for Harry, it may be a year too soon.

Author: Ash
Story: Nightmares
Part: Nightmares
Rating: Young Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 38
Words: 4,764
Ginny's sleep is interrupted again, but this time, is it real?

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Perfect Imagination: A Harry Potter Beta Reader directory.
Latest Art
Tuesday 20th January 2009
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Lost Prophecy
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Kitchen Argument
Artist: Hito
Image: Harry and Ginny
Saturday 10th January 2009
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Potter Cast Conquer Olympus I
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project-Ch.23, OotP
Artist: mary-dreams
Image: Remus and Tonks - More Than Meets the Eyes
Wednesday 15th October 2008
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Wiinter Ginny and Hermione
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Bellatrix Lestrange
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: The Silver Doe
Saturday 11th October 2008
Artist: Sanna
Image: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project
Wednesday 6th August 2008
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: Holyhead Ginny
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Ginny Sneaks Into the Broomshed
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Trio-Hats
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Notorious Mass Murderer
Friday 13th June 2008
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Lily For Ever
Artist: roby_boh
Image: 1st Year Luna and Ginny
Friday 6th June 2008
Artist: Rae F
Image: A Family Christmas

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