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Stories By Zahri Seb Melitor

WIP Stories
Story: Timeslip
Part: Prologue: Paranoid Old Auror
Rating: Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: WIP
Reviews: 21
Words: 12,220
Itís well known that trains donít run on ordinary time: any commuter can tell you that. Mixing magic with this temporal instability, however, can lead to disaster. For Harry and his friends the year is now 1976, Voldemort is gaining power and thereís a society struggling to define its future. A society that has a place for the Hextet; a place society wants them to fill, even if they arenít ready for it.

The story of a journey back home: a journey of learning, struggle and loss, as the six return to their own time period the only way possible Ė one day at a time.

Completed Stories
Part: 1: Ginny: Folded Down to a Little Space
Rating: Young Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 18
Words: 4,869
A woman can be many things in a person's life, including a mother. As the shadow of war darkens the lives of these six adolescents, a woman stands out for each, one who has had a profound affect on their life.

Part: Footsteps Leading Away
Rating: Everyone
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 6
Words: 1,578
It's Valentine's Day, but Ron doesn't seem to have noticed. Of course, he's pretty oblivious to everything other than Quidditch. Plus, he's been disappearing again. It's no wonder that Hermione's reaching the end of her tether....

Part: Footsteps Towards Me
Rating: Everyone
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 3
Words: 6,917
On Valentine's Day, Ginny looks back to the holidays: a time of Christmas spirit and improvements in her life. A story of fireworks, hot chocolate, blockheaded boys and the girls who love them. A companion piece to "Footsteps Leading Away".

Part: Reflected Dust
Rating: Young Teens
Setting: Pre-HBP
Status: Completed
Reviews: 7
Words: 1,987
When Ron, Hermione, Harry and Ginny want some privacy and tranquility after exams, they get a little more than they expected. Featuring history books, Galleons, sibling arguments, musty classrooms and a touch of happiness.

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Perfect Imagination: A Harry Potter Beta Reader directory.
Latest Art
Tuesday 20th January 2009
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Lost Prophecy
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Kitchen Argument
Artist: Hito
Image: Harry and Ginny
Saturday 10th January 2009
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Potter Cast Conquer Olympus I
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project-Ch.23, OotP
Artist: mary-dreams
Image: Remus and Tonks - More Than Meets the Eyes
Wednesday 15th October 2008
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Wiinter Ginny and Hermione
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Bellatrix Lestrange
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: The Silver Doe
Saturday 11th October 2008
Artist: Sanna
Image: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project
Wednesday 6th August 2008
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: Holyhead Ginny
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Ginny Sneaks Into the Broomshed
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Trio-Hats
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Notorious Mass Murderer
Friday 13th June 2008
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Lily For Ever
Artist: roby_boh
Image: 1st Year Luna and Ginny
Friday 6th June 2008
Artist: Rae F
Image: A Family Christmas

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