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*waves madly from the South Pacific*

Hi, I'm Allie.  I never know what to write in these things. 



Hi! I discovered PhoenixSong in early 2004 and was accepted as a beta in October that same year.  I'm the mother of a fourteen-year-old who is as enamored with Harry Potter as his mother is; he loves all seven movies, expecially Order of the Phoenix and the action scenes in Deathly Hallows Part 2.  We often listen to my audio CDs of the books as well as the CDs from the movies while traveling from place to place. The older he grows, the more detailed our discussions of the books become.

All of my stories are published here at PS and I've made some wonderful on-line friends through the authors I've been given.  I love being a beta and getting to read new chapters as they are finished; the process of helping an author make a chapter the best it can be is really exciting for me.  I hope you'll find the time to read the stories of Angelmorph, GovCampbell, KEDme, Wings, Helion, Cryslin, RIPHedwig, GhostWriter, Jedi34, RSS, SilverPhoenix,  HermioneWeasley1972, and Sassenach, all of whom I am honored to have on my Author list.

I'm a Marauder Era Potter fan, English teacher, wife, and mother of four.  I love literature, art, and music.  I "came out of the closet" and joined the fandom openly after I became a cancer survivor:  I decided life was too much of a gift to let the opinions of others keep me from having fun. In addition to JKRowling,  I'm a big lover of all things written by Jane Austen, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Orson Scott Card,  William Shakespeare,  CS Forester, and Barbara Kingsolver. I also love Yaya sisterhood books and Travelling Pants books. While we're at it--favorite Austen books?  Pride and Prejudice and Persuasion. Favorite LM Montgomery books?  the Anne series and The Blue Castle.  Favorite Card books?  The Ender series and Enchantment.  Favorite Bard plays?  Much Ado About Nothing,  Henry IV,  Hamlet,  Tempest. (but I love all the comedies)  Favorite Forester Hornblower book?  Beat to Quarters.  Favorite Kingsolver book?  Prodigal Summer  


*waves hi*  I'm OHGinnyfan, aka Susan, and I'm one of the Admins here at PhoenixSong in addition to an author and beta.  I currently work with three authors - Gridley, Aggiebell, Zahri Seb Melitor and harry_ginnyphile - in addition to pre-betaing for a ton of others. I'm the mum of four boys who are the reason I'm hooked on Harry. I'm also a research microbiologist in my real life.

Howdy, ya'll!  I'm Rinna.  I enjoy writing, college football, my puppies, and of course, beta reading.  ;)  I have 14 WONDERFUL authors, who are all ridiculously talented.   I'm originally from NOLA, but have been living in Arkansas for the last decade.  (Wooo Pig Sooie!)  I love to chat, so drop me a line any time.  *hugs*


I began lurking in the HP Fandom while waiting for Order of the Phoenix to be published.  I fell in love with Harry Potter (well, the Weasley Twins, really) while nearing the birth of my third child.  I read all four books (at the time) in under two weeks and was really upset that book five wasn't ready yet.  While I was chomping at the bit for more canon, I found The Harry Potter Lexicon which lead me to fanfiction to save my sanity.

I love a well written story.  But, it was painful to hack through much of the posted works on unbeta'd sites looking for the gems.  I struck the motherload on PS.  Restored my faith in humanity a fair bit.  ;)  I love knowing that I've an excellent chance of being entranced by anything I care to read here. 

I'm proud to be one of the betas now that helps maintain that atmosphere for others.  My authors include Ladybug, Misselthwaite, Embates and DancinginMagic.  I prebeta for Sugarquills23 and on occasion Kelleypen & Katieay.  Brilliant writers all. 

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Perfect Imagination: A Harry Potter Beta Reader directory.
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Tuesday 20th January 2009
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Friday 13th June 2008
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Friday 6th June 2008
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Image: A Family Christmas

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