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Hey, I love Harry Potter,both the books +the movies..cant wait till the 5th movie comes out!!!Umm there are sum emoticons so i mite as well use them!!

THis is the famous Harry Potter!!! He is stubborn and yells alot, and always feels like he needs to save the wizarding world, but overall he's a nice guy!!However he doesnt appreciate his friends sometimes..

Im guessing this is ginny, Harry's ex girlfriend in the 6th book, and Ron's little sister.She's great at Quidditch!!!She has loved Harry since the first time she saw him, but they only got together when she was in her 5th yr, and him in his 6th year, but then they had to break up coz Harry doesnt want Voldemort to go after her and stuff.

Hermione, Ron and Harrys nerdy friend, she is always reading and studying, and always gets good grades. However despite how smart she is, she is still despised by Snape, as is Ron and especially Harry.Hermione is the brains of the 3!

Ron is Harrys best guy friend, and together with Hermione they are the 3 best friends. Ron is jealous of Harry's fame and tends to be a bit moody about it, however i suppose he has come to terms with it...Harry doesnt want to be famous..wel anywayz overall Ron is a good friend but at times he isnt supportive of Harry and stuff.

This is Dumbledore, the headmaster of Hogwarts. He has a fondness towards Harry, however as he is trying to find one of Voldemort's Horcruxes and they come back, Snape kills him. Soooo we are all wondering what will happen to Hogwarts in the 7th and final book!! Everyone felt safe around him and he was one of Harrys greatest protectors.

This is Hagrid, the first non-Muggle Harry met. He told Harry that he was a wizard, and brought him to Hogwarts . He is Harrys best adult friend, along with Sirius, his godfather. Harry, Hermione and Ron go down to Hagrid's Hut between classes or after classes, and he gives them advice and stuff, just keeps an eye on them.Especially Harry.He is also the gamekeeper and teacher at Hogwarts.Cant remember if he quit ?

The worst teacher at Hogwarts!!Besides Umbridge in the 5th book. He hates Gryffindors, and favours Draco Malfoy and the Slytherins. He always picks on Ron and Hermione, and gets annoyed with her coz shes so smart...but most of all he picks on Harry.This is coz Harrys father James bullied Snape when they went to Hogwarts.

Draco malfoy is Harrys worst enemy (besides Voldemort and stuff),.and he hates him. I guess malfoy is jealous of Harrys fame, and how he is usually portrayed as a hero. well he hates any Gryffindors and any mudbloods, like Hermione who have Muggle parents. Malfoy is always around to give Harry and his friends a hard time!!

This is mad eye moody, the Auror who is offered a teaching spot by Dumbledore, but he was actually locked up by Barty crouch jr to try and kill Harry..long story. anywayz he has one big eye which can see through everything, and he can hear across classrooms. he has a wooden leg.

Hedwig is Harrys owl, she posts any letters that Harry gives her..usually to Sirius, Harrys godfather.

This is a dragon, Hagrid loves them. He had a norweigan ridgeback in harrys first year but gave it away.dragons rule hey.

This is the golden snitch, which harry has to catch in a wizard match called Quidditch. Harry is the Seeker in the team for Gryffindor, and to end the game Harry catches this before the other teams seeker.

So yeah!!That was my guide to some harry potter characters.

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