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The Unspoken Rules of Harry Potter FanFiction:


1) Must have song lyrics that have little or no relevance to the major plot points.
2) Must reference Draco Malfoy as "ferret" (or Ferret boy)
3) Must have boy character romantically involved with Lavender Brown before realizing his true feelings for Hermione
4) Must refer to Hermione as "Mione" or "Hermy" or "Herm" (or in the case of the ace gang "Herseximione") (A/N: OR SOME OTHER HORRIBLE NICKNAME)
5) Must provide Harry with a major realization
6) Must turn an antagonist to a protagonist by the end of the story
7) Must include fighting/conflict between Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger
8) Must include Hermione miraculously becoming attractive
9) Must include Luna Lovegood being "looney"!!!
10) Must show Harry's feeling of freedom while riding a broomstick
11) Must display jealousy of Hogwarts male characters to Viktor Krum
12) Must reference to the color of the character's eyes and the state in which they are in
13) Must make Ginny out to be a common whore
14) Must play truth or dare or make reference to "American Muggle" games


If you are not using at least four of those rules in your writing, you ain't writing HP fanfiction!


-Love all, Petey

Proud member of Wotcher Woflie, and the Harry/Ginny ship (there are so many names for it, I lost track...)

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Perfect Imagination: A Harry Potter Beta Reader directory.
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Friday 6th June 2008
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Image: A Family Christmas

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