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тнєу ¢αℓℓ нєя »»» ♥ ηασмι ♥

ωнσ ιѕ α »»» gυяℓ

ѕнє ℓυкz тняσσ »»» вℓυє єуєz

ѕнє вяυѕнєѕ »»» вℓση∂є нαιя ωιν вℓση∂єя нιgнℓιgнтѕ

ѕнє ѕтαη∂z αт »»» 5'10

ѕнє ¢συℓ∂η'т ℓινє ωινσυт »»» ƒωєη∂z, вσуz, ѕтяαιgнтηєяѕ, ƒσηє, мαкє υρ

є∂υ¢αтє∂ αт »»» нℓнѕ

ιη уєαя »»» 11

ѕнє вє¢αмє α ѕтαя ση »»» 28//12//91

ℓινιη ιт υρ ιη »»» ωукє

ѕтαтυѕ »»» ѕιηgℓє

ѕнє ρℓαуѕ ∂яєѕѕ υρ ιη »»» ѕιzє 8 - 10

ѕнє ѕтяυтѕ тнє ѕтяєєтѕ ιη »»» ѕιzє 6

ѕєχυαℓιту »»» 100% ѕтяαιgнт

ѕтαя ѕιgη »»» ¢αρяι¢σяη

n finks da world of deese kids :

n thinks this guy is a wanna-b bad lad:

n finks dis guy is a legend:

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Latest Art
Tuesday 20th January 2009
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Lost Prophecy
Artist: tripperfunster
Image: Kitchen Argument
Artist: Hito
Image: Harry and Ginny
Saturday 10th January 2009
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Potter Cast Conquer Olympus I
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project-Ch.23, OotP
Artist: mary-dreams
Image: Remus and Tonks - More Than Meets the Eyes
Wednesday 15th October 2008
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Wiinter Ginny and Hermione
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Bellatrix Lestrange
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: The Silver Doe
Saturday 11th October 2008
Artist: Sanna
Image: Ginny Weasley and Harry Potter
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: HP Art Project
Wednesday 6th August 2008
Artist: GoldenSnitch33
Image: Holyhead Ginny
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Image: Ginny Sneaks Into the Broomshed
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Trio-Hats
Artist: bludgerbanger
Image: Notorious Mass Murderer
Friday 13th June 2008
Artist: AgiVega
Image: Lily For Ever
Artist: roby_boh
Image: 1st Year Luna and Ginny
Friday 6th June 2008
Artist: Rae F
Image: A Family Christmas

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